Isn’t it amazing how things that seem so simple are so hard to do? In this brief book it was my hearts desire that in just a few succinct pages you’ll be able to find help in dealing with some of your life’s most difficult problems to confront. Family is so beautiful but at the same time can be yet so frustrating. How can we have healthy relationships with people who we have so many questions for but in reality just don’t know how to address them? They cause an ELEPHANT to be in the room.

In this book, you’ll deal with everything from headache to heartbreak, anger to aggravation, bad parenting issue to substance abuse and yes, even dealing with things from when you put love in place of God to the moment that man lost respect for the woman he loves.

By leading millennials, I understand that sometimes our attention span isn’t patient enough for 200 page books; so here’s my attempt to put 7 weeks of teaching in less than 30 pages of reading!