Why Blame Jesus?

Why not Blame Jesus. Give Him more of the credit He deserves in your life. He did so much, does so much, and will do much more for you. Jesus was persecuted for us and was blamed for saving us. As we live every day we are the products of His Blame: His righteousness, His teaching, His love, His deliverance, His Godliness, and His power.  

Why Purchase?

The Blame Jesus T-Shirt is both a representation and declaration of who you are, why you are, and what you are. We blame Jesus for everything right with us, in spite of the burden blame should actually have on us. Blaming Jesus isn’t just something to say, it’s a responsibility and a covenant that believer’s share with Christ. These shirts were created to remind you to inspire generations, push purpose, move dreams forward, and always be reminded to Blame Jesus for it all.